Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Freedom From Complacency

Freedom From Complacency
By: Sister Elisha Wells

Today I received a new list of prayer topics from Pastor for our weekly ladies prayer meeting. On the list was "freedom from complacency". Upon reading those words, as you likely did, I had an idea in mind of what this meant. To me, when I hear "complacency" I think of being content with the status quo, unconcerned with any need for change or growth. But something compelled me to look up the word today when I read it. So, as we are often want to do, I googled it.

a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements.

smugness, self-satisfaction, self-congratulation, self-regard; 
gloating, triumph, pride;
satisfaction, contentment

I was immediately struck with the fact that complacency was far more than my very basic definition would have me accept. Yes, it does mean all that I thought it did. It does refer to contentment. But, it also extends to smugness and pride and self-satisfaction.

Conviction flooded my heart as I processed this new way of looking at this prayer topic. It was no longer just about those who were content with the status quo. Now it applied to those who had grown, had reached a new place in God. If those individuals were to become satisfied and proud of the growth they had attained instead of seeking to grow further they too were complacent. Now this could potentially apply to me.

I never want to become complacent. I believe that I have been growing in God, that I have reached new levels in Him, but I do not want to be stuck there. I don't want to become smug or self-satisfied with where I am. I don't want to become content with this much God in my life, with this level of worship.

No matter how far I grow in God, it's never far enough. No matter how deep I get, I need to be deeper. No matter what height I reach, I need to go higher in Him. No matter how close I get, I need to be closer. No matter how much I know Him, I need to know Him more. I need more of His glory, more of His power, more of His spirit in me. I need to worship harder, free-er, truer.

So, I pray not only for freedom from complacency in our church, but in my own heart, mind, and spirit. I want to always seek more, more, more of God. I want to always seek to serve Him better, praise Him better, and worship Him better.

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